Friday, 14 June 2013

Teddy's lunchbox

Look at Teddy's miniature lunchbox! I love miniature things! It used to be a sweets box that I got in a Christmas stocking a few years ago. I've kept it all this time and I finally have a real use for it!
I love how the sandwiches look like miniature versions of grown up sandwiches, so cute.
If you like miniature things too then have a look at
It's written by Luke's friend Harriet who is a very talented illustrator and she makes lots of miniature things. I really love the items she makes for her dolls.

Bit of a bread heavy diet today, but Teddy hasn't napped this morning, I'm exhausted hence I chose the easiest option! Most of the sandwich ended up on the floor but he loves cherry tomatoes so at least he ate the healthiest part.

Messy breakfast!

Nutella on toast! Loved by babies and and parents everywhere. Extreme messiness ensued...

Teddy still took time out from his breakfast enjoyment to play a game of peepo Teddy..

It's all fun and games until its time to clean up!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Teddy Dinnertime

Today's dinner was a super duper easy meal to make up very quickly.
When I don't have much time (or I'm too tired) I make a fish pie using ingredients that are kept in the freezer.
I buy individual Coley fish pieces, it's a mild tasting cheap white fish, and In Waitrose you can buy frozen mashed potato too.
Here's my 'easy fish peasy pie' recipe!
One piece of coley frozen fish
mashed potato
whole milk
strong cheese

Microwave the fish and the potato individually to ensure its thoroughly cooked then mix a little mashed potato with the milk and cheese to form a rue. Heat the rue to cook the milk and melt the cheese. Add the fish and peas to the rue then put the remaining mash on top...and there you have the world's quickest, easiest baby fish pie! (...and it still counts as home cooking)
It's very tasty and Teddy always wolfs it down.

I ate a delicious meal too. This meal idea comes from a blog I enjoy reading called 'keeping healthy getting stylish'.
The author always suggests great healthy recipes and I've made quite a few of her suggestions.
Today's dinner was a hit with my Mum and sister too!

Mackerel and baked sweet potato on a spinach and tomato salad...It's just a shame I didn't buy enough for Luke!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Father's Day ideas

It's my boyfriend's first Father's Day soon and I want to get him something special. He's a really good Dad. He gets up every time Teddy cries and brings him to me, then when he's asleep again he takes him back to his cot. He takes him to 'Saturdads' every fortnight (that's a playgroup just for Dads...and it's on a Saturday). He babywears and takes him swimming (an activity that is far too tiring for me!), both Teddy and I are lucky to have him!

There are plenty of terrible, expensive gifts out there (*cough* *cough*) that some poor unsuspecting Fathers will no doubt receive.

Here are some pleasant alternatives to inspire!

This is a lovely book that I bought a little while ago. There are no lift the flaps though which is usually an absolute must have in a book for Teddy, but he still likes it.
Spot's Dad looks naked because he doesn't have a spot. In some photos it seems like there's a well positioned piece of furniture or book...
It's a sweet sentiment, and it's only £4.99


I came across these cupcakes completely by chance but I love them. I don't think Luke cares what decoration is on top of a cake just as long as it contains lots of sugar! I'm going to make them in the colours he wears with a little pen in the pocket.
Here's the link to the blog;


Plant a sunflower! Sunflowers are pretty funny and children love them. One day the sunflower might be as big as Dad and he could do a day of the triffids style re-enactment. It's just something to do together really, and that's more important than gifts isn't it! Isn't it?!


A coffee maker! Any new Dad is a tired man. This is a gift that will be well received! Coffee bean grinders or an espressos cup if you already have a coffee making device?

And if you don't have time for any of that (because you're too busy looking after the baby!) then you can always make the ultimate failsafe gift...

Have a Happy Father's Day!

Toe toes

Canadian porridge

The weather is miserable.

We're all sad and dull round our house so this morning I made Teddy a truly delicious breakfast to brighten up the morning!

I've called it 'Canadian' porridge because children's recipes always need funny names like buccaneer pie (or fish pie if you're a boring old adult).

Simply blend a mashed banana, whole milk and ready brek (more milky than you'd make it for an older child) and warm it in the microwave. Pour on some maple syrup and voila! Too simple for words!


Teddy Dinnertime

When I first started weaning Teddy I was so enthusiastic about the idea 'baby led weaning'. I read the book by Gill Rapely and I was ready to boldly defend my choice to forego purées if anyone would dare to suggest I should introduce a blend of vegetables, or heaven forbid, baby rice!

Alas, the blw (mummy abbreviation alert) approach was short lived. After watching Teddy turn his nose up at several sticky banana slices I quickly grabbed a fork and squished all his future meals into a mush beyond recognition.

Life was easier when I was exclusively breastfeeding...

Now at 10 months old I finally feel like I've settled into this weaning malarkey. 

I have a routine of feeding three meals a day and I'm still giving him 2-3 breastfeeds a day (and at night too).

Now I'm a well established home cooking mother I can say with experience that Annabel Karmel is amazing!!!

I have her book 'Top 100 meals in minutes' and I'll be buying some of her others too.
This book is actually more for toddlers (I picked up the wrong one in my haste to leave the shop as Teddy was going crazy crying!)
Everything I've made Teddy from here has, so far, gone down a treat. 

Last night I made cheesy pasta with broccoli and peas

It made seven portions in all.

I use the Beaba silicone freezing trays, they're so useful. You can just turn them inside out and pop them in the microwave when you need a quick meal.

Here's our review!

Ease of preparation - easy. no meat & no chopping onions!
Store cupboard ingredients - yes, buy frozen broccoli so you don't have to worry about not using it all up. I only had to buy leeks.
Baby's opinion - he loved it! Ate it all. Teddy loves broccoli, which is the exception rather than the rule, so it's a useful recipe to sneak in some greens behind a thick creamy sauce!

A success!